A Pandemic Born Business

Aaron and I (Grant), started Prism Cloud Cafe during the peak of the pandemic of 2021. Focused in hand-crafted beverages delivered right to your doorsteps.

After 4 months of operations, we were able to open a small physical cafe in Pasay, this time serving snacks and drinks while still catering to delivery orders.

We later on joined weekend markets in different cities in Metro Manila.

A year after

We looked for a place in Makati but for some reason we ended up opening our first restaurant in Lipa, Batangas.

Inside an old mansion overlooking taal, we started Prism Restaurant Cafe, focusing on Batangas' local produce in a contemporary casual set up.

Curated with dishes inspired from our travels and studies, locally and abroad, sourcing only the best local ingredients, matched with the serene ambience and warm hospitality.

Prism is more than just a restaurant and a cafe, its an extension of your home.